There are endless questions and to-do lists that you’re trying to make sense of during this time. Where should we get married?  Who pays for what?  Is it okay to ask for money in place of a wedding present?  Which supplier should I hire first?  How much should we spend?  

Whilst it can seem scary and overwhelming at times, planning your wedding should and can be a really enjoyable time especially when you’re armed with a few expert tips and the advice to hit the ground running.

Start by Creating a Budget and Sticking to It!

Once you have your budget set for your wedding you can get onto the fun part . . . spending it!  Your budget will determine a large portion of your decisions going forward through the planning process, such as where you say your “I Do’s”, how many people you can invite, and what entertainment you will have.  

Once you know your budget you can plan in an organised way and not have any unexpected costs or bills.

Be Yourselves and Decide What’s Important to You

Your wedding day is your day.  It’s not a day about your guests.  Read that part again.

If you have always dreamed of having a certain aspect to your wedding, whether it’s an orchestra or a horse-drawn carriage, or you’ve fallen in love with a particular venue, then go for it – and, if you need to, make savings elsewhere.  Also don’t feel that you need to have a particular element included in your wedding day – just because it’s the norm.  It’s your day, do things your way!  

It can be difficult to say no to parents and well-meaning relatives who will all have opinions on how they think your wedding ought to be, but ultimately, it’s your wedding day and not theirs.  Have a clear vision of the type of wedding you both would like, be open to suggestions that fit into this and ignore the rest!

Hire Wedding Suppliers That Fully Support Your Wedding Day Vision

Trusting your gut also applies to the people you hire for your day.  It is really important to get along with your suppliers, so if something sticks out to you as a red flag – don’t be afraid to ask more questions, do some more research or walk away.  You will find someone else who will make you feel at ease and comfortable with the vision of your day.

When looking for suppliers to hire for your wedding day be guided by their work and their style as to whether they are right for your day.  You’ll usually get a feel of their work from their website, Instagram feeds or Pinterest but you’ll get an even better understanding of them, their business and ideas for your day if you have a chat with them. Whether that’s virtually or in-person, no wedding supplier I know will turn down a chance to talk through plans for your day and how they can enhance that experience!

Pick a supplier that compliments the ideas you have for your own wedding and you’ll enjoy the process a lot more and it’ll mean you get to work on something truly magical together.

Try Not to Stress Over the Small Stuff

When it comes to wedding planning, it’s important not to stress about the small details.  After all, your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most joyous days of your life.  Instead of getting caught up in all the minutiae, focus on the big picture.  

Choose a venue that you love, pick out a dress that makes you feel beautiful, and assemble a wedding party that will support you through thick and thin.  The little things will fall into place, but it’s the big decisions that will really make your wedding day special.  So take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Don’t forget to take a wedding planning break when things get too overwhelming.  A simple romantic date night can help bring your focus back on what truly matters and the bigger picture.

Finally, relax and enjoy your hard work.  Don’t worry about things that you can’t control….  such as the weather!  Focus instead on the reason why you’re celebrating – your marriage to your partner and the start of the rest of your lives together – the rest will fall into place!