When it comes to planning your wedding, choosing a wedding cake is, rather refreshingly, one of the most enjoyable decisions you will make.  It really is one part of the wedding really have some fun with.

Traditional or contemporary, one tier or five, it’s really up to you, but do make sure you have enough cake for all your guests, as once they see your beautiful-looking cake, they are sure to want to try it.  To help you make the cake choice that’s right for you, I’ve compiled some information on one of my favourite subjects, yes you guessed it – cake!

After all, your cake is actually a very important decision to get right.  Not only is it a key culinary element in your wedding day but it’s also going to be highly photographed both by your professional photographer and by your guests, who will all want to take photos of you and your new spouse cutting into it.  Plus, if you place your cake proudly on display throughout the day, it becomes a part of your décor and doubles up as a style element.

So, if you are looking for some cake inspiration – you are in the right place. These are the wedding cake styles that will never go out of fashion…

Minimalist Wedding Cakes

Simple never looked so good!  Minimalist wedding cakes appreciate that you don’t need to do a lot for your wedding cake to stand out. As they say, less can be more!

Minimalist cakes can make their own statement and are perfect for couples who prefer clean lines and simple designs.  But simple doesn’t need to be boring! With modest yet beautiful features, your wedding cake can still become a gorgeous feature that will have your guests talking.  A hint of gold, some beautiful sugar flowers, or perhaps a touch of real greenery makes the perfect finishing touch to a cake with modern sharp edges and sleek white sugarpaste.

Minimalist cakes suit couples who are having a more intimate or smaller wedding as well as those who prefer a more timeless touch to their overall wedding theme.

Rustic Wedding Cakes

By definition, a rustic wedding cake is a country-inspired cake, often left uncovered in what is known as a “naked” cake, or with just a thin scraping of buttercream which is known as “semi-naked”.  The decoration is often a little boho and sometimes quirky, with a styled tablescape that mainly features a rustic wooden cake stand, fresh greenery, or edible fresh flowers and fruits.

Rustic wedding cakes offer a simple and more homely aesthetic that looks eye-wateringly delicious and will have guests scrambling over one another to get a slice.

More and more couples are opting for effortless nuptials. From garden weddings to barn receptions, rustic weddings are easily an industry-wide popular choice with couples going crazy for rustic charm with pretty details.

It’s also incredibly versatile as a cake trend and leaves lots of room for you to stamp your personality and own style into your cake. After all, you’re going to be the one eating it!

Whether you decide to go for a naked cake, semi-naked or exposed buttercream, to style with vines, flowers, or fresh fruit. There’s still plenty of room for creativity.

Elegant Wedding Cakes

If you and your other half can’t help but exude classic elegance, a more stately cake with grand tiers will suit you best.  Elegant designs for wedding cakes are sophisticated and regal. These cakes wow guests and take centre stage at the wedding reception as part of the décor.

The easiest way to portray elegance through your choice of wedding cake is to choose something without too many different design features or contrasting colours that can distract from the cake’s overall aesthetic.

Elegant cakes come in all manners of styles, shapes and sizes and are suitable for all themes, colour schemes and budgets but typically have something that little bit special about them whether it’s a botanical element, a little gold leaf, tall tiers or striking deep complimentary colours.

Your Style

Your wedding cake will be a focal point and one of the most visual parts of your wedding reception and is still very much a tradition as much as it is a photo opportunity. Capturing a moment in time that you can relive again and again.

Designs vary from the traditional and timeless to the bold and show-stopping, from tiered extravaganzas to minimalist and even micro wedding cakes. Whatever your wedding style, opt for a luxury bespoke cake that will reflect your tastes and personalities. A professional wedding cake designer will create cakes that not only wow on the exterior but also taste just as amazing too.
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