You are planning your perfect wedding day, and you want a cake that not only looks amazing but tastes delicious too. When you really want to impress your guests, you need a luxury cake maker. But what makes those cake makers so unique and why are their cakes better than other cake makers? In this post, I’ll discuss what it’s like to order a bespoke luxury wedding cake, and what makes a luxurious cake unique.

Ordering a Luxury Wedding Cake

Ordering a bespoke luxury wedding cake should be a luxurious experience.  You need to be sure you have chosen the correct cake maker, so it is a good idea to have a chat with them prior to booking to ensure you feel comfortable working with your cake designer. (You can book a 15-minute Discovery Call with me here).  They should be able to answer all your questions and reassure you that they know what they are doing and will take care of any issues along the way.  You are not just buying a cake – you are buying a luxury experience. 

Your cake maker should be professional, and make the ordering process very clear and simple.  Most cake artists will take a Non-Refundable Booking Fee to secure your wedding date, then issue a full set of Terms & Conditions prior to you entering into a contract. 

But why is a luxury wedding cake more expensive?

Creating a bespoke luxury cake is not just baking and decorating, there is far more that goes into ensuring you have the perfect cake on your wedding day.  Your cake artist is a professional and will want you to have confidence in them and can relax in the knowledge that everything will be taken care of to the highest standards. 

Consultation – Your cake artist should discuss all your ideas, along with your colour scheme, your theme and the general feel of your wedding, to design a wedding cake that is unique to you, not a copy of another cake artist’s work.   Ensuring that there is sufficient cake for your guests is important, so take their guidance on how many tiers you may need.

Samples – You will be given a choice of cake flavours to try, usually in the form of a Cake Taster Box and this will contain your choice of flavours and often some of the bakers’ choice, to enable you to choose the flavours you like best for your delicious wedding cake. 

an example of a cake Taster Box with a few little extras…

Design – Your cake artist will often spend hours sketching up a design for your luxury wedding cake.  They will suggest different types of sugar flowers, edible gold or silver leaf,  stencil work, spacers, and even dummy tiers if the design lends itself to them.  Trust your cake artist to pull together all the elements needed to create your dream cake.  They will send you a sketch for approval, along with the costs involved, but don’t be afraid to tell them if they have not quite got it right, be clear about any changes you would like to the design.

Taste– No packet mixes or ready-made sponge cakes with a luxury cake artist,  your cake will be individually baked just for you, so your tastes must play a big part.  Do you like a strong lemon flavour?  Ask your cake artist to add extra lemon zest.  Was there too much cinnamon in the carrot cake?  Ask your cake artist to adjust the recipe. They will be happy to do this to ensure your cake is perfect for your tastes.     

Ingredients – A luxury cake should consist of the finest ingredients, possibly even organic, but certainly not supermarket own brands, and real Belgian chocolate should be used for the ganache to coat the cake before top quality sugarpaste is used to cover it.

With quality ingredients going into the mix, a delicious cake comes out the oven

Construction – baking, trimming, filling, and covering a cake takes a considerable amount of time.  Your cake artist will ensure that the sides of the cake are perfectly straight – no bulging sides here. 

Decoration – Your cake artist will have taken years of practice to get to the standard they are at now, they will have taken expensive classes to learn new techniques, spent hours making sugar flowers to ensure they look as realistic as possible and will have subscriptions to publications that keep up with new trends.  You can expect that hours of work will go into the decoration of your luxury wedding cake, and the finished décor will be to the highest standard. 

Administration costs

It is not just the actual cake that takes time, your cake artist will spend many hours on administration during the months leading up to your wedding.  There will be emails and phone calls.  They will have a detailed file containing all the details of your wedding  They will also liaise with your venue, your photographer, your florist and any other relevant suppliers to ensure a smooth and seamless delivery.  If there are any special instructions, for example. that the top tier is to be put into a separate box and kept, then they will ensure the venue is aware of these.

Delivery on your wedding day.

On the day of your wedding, your cake artist will transport the cake securely and deliver it to your wedding venue.  They might spend a considerable amount of time there, stacking the cakes, and adding any last-minute details such as sugar flowers. If they are adding real flowers to the cake, then they all need to be individually cut and taped and inserted into the cake in a food-safe manner.  Only once your cake artist is happy that the cake is set up perfectly will they ask your venue coordinator to sign a disclaimer saying that the cake was set up perfectly.

the final touches at the wedding venue ensure the cake is displayed to perfection

Everything else…

Your cake artist is a business like any other and will also have considerable expenses within their business, not only the endless amount of (often very expensive) equipment required, but also all the associated costs of running a business, such as insurance, taxes, accounting, marketing, as well as the everyday running expenses.

When you decide to entrust a luxury cake artist with making your wedding cake you can be certain that you will receive the finest customer service, and that your dream luxury wedding cake will be waiting at your wedding reception.  Your guests will remark on how beautiful it looks and everyone will enjoy its delicious taste. Your photographs will bring back memories of your special day and your delicious luxury wedding cake for many years to come.

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